Monday, March 23, 2009


It's been awhile since I added anything, but I want to update myself or any future readers on what I've actually been doing with myself the past month.

  1. Got a commiter to Pinsor in Carlos Ble. Very smart fellow and very helpful.
  2. Got plugin support finally worked out for a project at work (but done at home). Will sanitize the code concepts and post here shortly.
  3. Did a presentation of Castle Windsor and IoC at alamocoders that I think went pretty well (need to work on my material and demos a bit, but the talk went well).
  4. Ayende made my head explode with the following post Gonna take me a few days to process that one.
  5. Did San Antonio Book Club meet and greet. Was a lot of fun and i think we're going to start working lean into the mix.
Short update I'll try to get more details out of those into another series of posts. I'd like to start putting my windsor material on the blog and hopefully suss out some of the weaker areas.


Carlos Ble said...

Pinsor is great man, thanks :-)

Ryan Svihla said...

Thank you Carlos I hope it bears out as useful for you, as always if there is anyway I can help let me know.

Before I forget good luck with the book, no small task but I think you're hitting on a real need.